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Wine Tour Lviv

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Lviv, Lviv region, Ukraine
The cost < 50 uah
45 UAH. / Pp 200 + UAH. a group (min. 5 people max. - 20 people)


On this tour, talking about wine and the Lions. Tourists will learn a lot about this unique drink in historical perspective: Little-Known Facts About Lviv wines, incredible history of wine beverages in Lviv, traditions beverage consumption. Famous brands of local and imported wines, transportation, sale, storage, aging wines (methods of forgery - JRC!) Vynotorhivtsi prominent and famous banqueting house - this is an incomplete list of topics wine tour.

We also tell about the healing and culinary quality wines. And not only tell, but also tastes really neat wine in the tasting room. And what interesting stories and adventures occurred with wine in the ancient city and how it affected the architecture - all this under the "Wine Tour lions" tour of studio "Play."

Tour consists of tours and tastings, where tourists appreciate the taste of the drink in the Royal Hotel Royal Lion.
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