Fastiv. Vacation

Fastiv - a city of regional subordination, the regional center, located in the Kiev region of the Dnieper Upland Irpin tributary - river Unava. In ancient times Fastiv - western outpost, satellite city of Kyiv. The first written mention of the city dates from the year 1390. In reality Fastova earth were inhabited by the ancient people 40-30 thousand years ago. Today Fastiv is an important railway junction and industrial center. Fastiv borders Popelnyansky district of Zhytomyr region - to the west, Kyiv region - the East Makarov district of Kiev region. - In the north and the south of Skvirsky and Belotserkovski district of Kyiv region. The city is located 67 km from the capital of Ukraine. Fastova area is 43,15 ². Distance to airport "Borispol" is 125 km.

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Kyiv region, city Fastiv, str. Cheliuskintsiv
151-200 uah
38 (066) 744-06-34, (097) 487-21-02, (044) 499-04-14
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3 Radianska st, city Fastiv, Kyiv region
50-100 uah
38 (04565) 5-14-52
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