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Vasylkiv - a city of regional subordination, Vasylkivsky administrative center of the district. Located on the picturesque banks of the River Stugna 30 km from Kyiv. The territory of modern Vasylkova inhabited by Slavic tribes. Using archaeological settlements were found that belongs to Tripoli culture and date back to the third millennium BC. According to historical sources at the end of the tenth century Prince Vladimir Sviatoslavych city was founded Vasylkiv. The first written mention of the city can be found in the story "Lay" and n chronicles. In 1796 Vasil'kov acquires the status of the city. During 1918 - 1919 years, the city stayed several times in the occupation. Until in 1949 began the process of rebuilding. Today, the company cornflower function of light, food and manufacturing industries. Land Vasylkivschyny gave Ukraine a lot of prominent figures, among them Nestor the Chronicler - author chronicles "Tale of Bygone Years", writer, abbot of the Kiev-Pechersk Monastery - Theodosius of the Caves. Attracts tourists an ancient temple that is fully preserved to this day - St. Nicholas Church, which was built in 1792.

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