Vyshneve. Vacation

Vyshneve - a city of regional subordination Kiev Sviatoshynsky area. Located in the south-west of Kiev. Distance from Cherry to Kyiv is 2 km away. The city covers an area of​​, an area of ​​669.6 hectares. The population is about 55,000 inhabitants. The history of the city begins in 1887, when construction began in South-Western Railway. So in 1887, appeared in the city Juliani station. The first resident was Zhulyan official - Tim Olefirko. The first residential house built M.I.Myhay controller. Gradually began to form around Zhulyan settlement, which later grew. In 1919 the station "Juliani" there were fierce battles. With Boiarka was moved MTS Kiev Sviatoshynsky area. Zhulyanskyy Engineering Works gives impetus to transform Cherry in a great city. Today Vyshneve - a powerful industrial center of Kiev region.