Boyarka. Vacation

Boyarka - district center Kiev Sviatoshynsky district in Kiev region. Number of inhabitants is about 34 thousand inhabitants. December 30, 1956 Boyarka received city status, when they were merged into one following localities: Boyarka Budayivka New Tarasovka village and gas companies. In ancient times, there flowed a great river Prytvarka around which settlements were Scythians-farmers (now a small stream). Archaeological finds show that the area of ​​the modern city Boyarka were Scythian settlement (VIII-VII centuries. BC. E.). This is evidenced by a small fortification, which was part of the defense system of vipers shafts. Now this hill was built St. Michael Church (example of sacral architecture) and cemetery of historical significance. Near the church is the tomb of Vladimir Ivanovich Samiylenko (famous Ukrainian poet and playwright). In XIX century with the development of industry, the number of urban residents who began to look for a place to rest. So near Kyiv formed the first summer resort town that is popular to this day.

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40 Marx st, city Boiarka, Kyiv region
101-150 uah
(04455) 35382
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26 Voroshylov st, city Boiarka, Kyiv region
200-250 uah
+38 ( 067 ) 756-56-74
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