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Brovary - regional city of Ukraine, the administrative center of the Kiev region. The city area is 3400 ha. Coordinates - 31 º east longitude and 51 º north latitude. Population of the town is 93,536 people. About Brovary city first mentioned in documents in 1630. In most cases, the main occupation was farming peasants and more affluent Cossacks were engaged in winemaking and brewing. In 1648-1654 the prince Vishnevetsky concentrated in large armed squad, but soon the blows peasants left the territory. In 1649 there is created Cossack squadron, which was chosen captain Theodore Bear. Cossacks were built church of St. Peter and Paul. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra founded in Brovary Church of the Holy Trinity and the Church of the Ascension (soon was destroyed). Today the city is 8 architectural sculptural monuments. Because brewers are important highway "Kyiv-Snkt Petersburg-Moscow". The city is located in the epicenter of airways. From "Borispol" 30 km "Zhulyan" - 45 km.

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22 Kyivska st, city Brovary, Kyiv region
300-350 uah
+38 (044) 222-58-58, (068) 321-57-01
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211 Kyivska st, city Brovary, Kyiv region
250-300 uah
(04594) 4-84-14
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