Skvyra. Vacation

Skvyra - district center in Kyiv region, situated on the river Dnieper Upland Skvyrky. Skvyra located in the southern part of Kyiv region. Territory Skvyra dissected by ravines and gorges, sometimes hilly. The climate is temperate continental. The first written mention of the city dates from the year 1390 (Charter of Prince Vladimir of Polotsk). In the XV century. Skvyra was simple fortification surrounded by an earthen rampart. In 1482 Mengli Giray Khan destroyed the city completely. In the XIX century Skvyra was a Jewish city. In connection with the provision of the city of Magdeburg law, began to develop rapidly crafts and trade, accordingly, attracted Jews. The lands Skvyrschyny worked fortunate Ukrainian poet - Maxim Rylsky. Great historical value is the church of St. Eugene. The Church has combined in its historical architecture with modern Ukrainian canons.