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Boguslaw - Boguslav district center area which is in the south of Kiev region. Bohuslav in 1032 he founded the Kyiv Prince Yaroslav the Wise. The first mention of the city dates from the year 1195. It was originally a fortress to protect from attacks Polovtsian. Coordinates Bohuslav 3 49 'north latitude and 48 ° 10' east longitude. Bohuslav covers an area of ​​8.9 Distance from regional center is 123 km. Soils in ashed low humus and dark gray ashed. Forests cover an area of ​​17361 hectares. To date, there are Boguslav Museum (Historical Museum, Memorial Museum of Ivan Soshenko, Museum Mark Vovchka). In the city there are 9 enterprises of light industry.

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40 Shevchenko st, city Bohuslav, Kyiv region
200-250 uah
38 (04561) 5-32-31
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Marx st, city Bohuslav, Kyiv region
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