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Bucha - a city of regional importance in the Kiev region. Bucha is located in the forest area, 25 km from Kyiv. The city covers an area of ​​2657.6 hectares. In Bucha live about 30 thousand people. The city is situated between two tributaries Irpin - Bucheyu and Rokach. The city is an important railway junction Kyiv - Korosten. The first mention of the city dates from Bucha year 1630, which refers to the village Jablonka, whose owner was a gentleman Yu.Lyasota. In the modern city found Drevlyane settlements and clearings, which date back to the times of Kievan Rus. The mild climate and rich nature has long attracted people's attention. Bucha refers to the resort town. Since the beginning of the twentieth century Bucha acquired fame good place rest and recovery. Bucheyu associated with the life and work of the writer Mikhail Bulgakov and scientist Evgeny Paton.

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