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Urban village Beregomet Vyzhnytskiy district is on the bank of the river Siret, near Mount Stizhok.
The first information about Beregomet reach the 15th century, the population has 7,741 people as of 01/01/2011.
The climate of the area in which the Beregomet, moderately warm with relatively high humidity.
In the village there is a small number of historical monuments of the period of Austro-Hungary and interwar Romania, as well as the head office of the National Natural Park Vizhnitsky.
The biggest souvenir Beregomet is Michael brick church built in 1888 at the expense of family Boryspil.
Earlier today at the church on the spot where now is located the cemetery, there was an older church, built by Alexander basil in 1773, and moved in 1889 to the village Dolishniy Whisper.
This informs the old memorial cross, set on fenced plot cemetery.
At the church cemetery preserved burial baronial family marble monument at the grave of Alexander Vasylko, George Vasylko and his wife Eliza, adorned with family emblem.
On the Street Central, 12 is the former summer residence of the family structure Vasilkov: guest house, rooms and master rooms for servants.
At one time, Beregomet was familial manor famous Ukrainian aristocratic family Vasilkov, however, the brightest structure --- Castle Vasilkov, which existed in the early twentieth century have been preserved.
Namecard Beregomet is Mount Small Stizhok height 784 feet, which is connected with the legend of the famous Ukrainian hero Oleksa Dovbush who allegedly hid treasures here, taken in cruel masters.
Another very interesting building, which should be seen Beregomet - Kindergarten 1950s, built in the style of Stalinist Empire.
Also worth a visit is unique arboretum, founded by Nicholas basil in 1890.
The park covers an area of ​​one hectare, and is composed of 54 species of trees and shrubs.
 Pearl of the park are two tree psevdomodryny golden that germinate only in the Yangtze River Delta in China, so this arboretum is the only place in Ukraine, where there are these rare exotic.
Also Beregomet park grow relic berry yew tree, camphor tree, Canadian hemlock, Japanese ginkgo tree dvolopatove and decoration of the park is the tulip tree.
 In St. Michael's Church in Beregomet is brick Nicholas Church in 1897, is located in front of the former estate of Count Boryspil.
In addition, there is the head office of the National Park "Vizhnitsky" which covers an area of ​​7.9 hectares, and which is dominated by thermophilic species in the forests of beech and fir.
Terrain park diverse: the eastern part, which is located in the basin of the Siret, dominated by mountain ridges and wide valleys and western - cheremyska intensively dissected - there are many scenic cliffs, slopes, gorges and waterfalls.
National Park offers turystiiv eco-sport trails that pass the park, some of which begin in Beregomet, stretching 15 or 18 or 25 miles of varying duration.

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