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Vashkivtsi town by the river Cheremosh located in Vyzhnyts'kyy district, Chernivtsi region. First mentioned in the '30s XV century called Vaskivtsi likely name of the town derives from the name Vasko.Stanom on January 1, 2011 in the city lived 5545 people.
The climate is temperate with not very cold winters and very warm summers.
Vashkivtsiye famous city in Ukraine is not due to its relic of history, culture and architecture, as due to festive event, which takes place every year on 13-14 January
The city is known for its Annino hill on which the Orthodox convent, founded in 1993 - a place of pilgrimage for many believers. Holy Monastery Annynskyyzhinochyy Annino mountain - a place of pilgrimage for thousands of Christians, located Annino mount that in Vashkivtsy. Feature of the monastery is the miraculous icon of "God Almighty", written in 1512, from which during the existence of the monastery have been many cases of healing from cancer and from other diseases: asthma, cerebral palsy, blindness.
 Also Vashkivtsah are Catholic Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, consecrated in 1826, and the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas, built in 1854 rotsi.Krim of interest are building some of the old villas and railway vokzalu.Prote most interesting "twist" is Vashkivtsi holiday Malanka and Basil, during which there is the greatest and most famous Ukrainian karnaval.Vashkivchany so carefully prepared for the holiday so much fun and it noted that the whole of Ukraine and from abroad come to people to look at this festive diystvo.Svyato called Pereberiya (dressing), and it involved only the male half of the population of the village.
The festivities begin on January 13 about 20 hours, dressed to the streets of the city gather in groups go from house to house, greet the owners of Malanka sadyby.Na yard venerable estate owner in upper corner constantly going "borinka" - race bears that someone who outgrow and each bear has its own gypsy - is owner vedmedya.Blyzko 22:30 all bears, gypsies, Cossacks and bukshandr go towards Hnatyshnoho angle, which will take place between borinka angles, and on the way of carnival delight viewers.
Roads proyizhzhayut naradzheni cars with loud music and go disguised as members of the action, and if you just lightly beaten with a broom, consider - lucky because can and pour water, and sazhoyu smear.
Morning carnival moves on the road - to meet visitors to the evening maskers "caught" cars, buses, even cyclists, and forced them to participate in the festivities, generously posypayuchy millet, wanting a rich and happy year, but this time the participants act out satirical comedy skits from everyday life and loud world events.
Necessarily part of the festivities for bathing participants Malanka in small greenhouses River, which originates from underground burrows, so in winter it never freezes and flows through the upper corner during bathing malankari cleansed from evil spirits, and according to participants of the action, no one else this does not zastudylasya.
That is, in order to enjoy the carnival only in Ukraine, to visit wonderful Bukovynian Vashkivtsy town that welcomed all his guests.

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Village Vashkiivtsi, Chernivtsi region, Ukraine
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