Karapchiv. Vacation

Karapchiv - a village located in Vyzhnyts'kyy Chernivtsi region, near the creek which flows Gorodets, which flows into the river Karapchi, the modern name of which - Hlybochok.
The village is located at an average altitude of 280 meters above sea level and has a population of 2158 people. Weather Karapchevi has roughly the same features as other area Vyzhnytskiy area: that is, relatively myaka winter and cool summer. Although Karapchiv is not too large settlements, but the village has a rich history and interesting monument of architecture. In the modern city on the shore Karapchiva brook Gorodets, built after the Mongol invasion, there were Slavic settlement Horodysche.Ruyiny protective shafts and underground tunnels fortified settlement survived until today. According to research conducted by prominent Ukrainian archaeologist B. Tymoshchuk in 1968, lifetime settlements dating from 1395 - 1444 years. Karapchiv modern name comes from the name of the same river Karapchi, which translated to Turkish language means "Black River".
There is a version that the modern village Karapchiv - this is the hop-grad - the center third parish administrative unit Shypynska land that existed on the territory of Bukovina from late 13th to mid 15th century. Wooden Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1816), next to which is a two-tier bell tower is the oldest monument of architecture in the village. However, the most famous souvenir in the village is the family palaces Armenian merchants Krishtofovich, built in approximately 1908. The first of them - three high quadrangular tower, crowned with battlements, Merloni, and decorated balconies and transitions at several levels, which is now located village school. This palace stands at the beginning of the village in the middle of a wonderful park. The second palace, which is much more modest in their appearance is village council.
Not far from the village. Karapcheva the village of Shafts, which is a wooden church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, built in 1829, and moved here in 1925 from the village Korytne (formerly Vilavche). Also Karapchevi and neighboring villages there are many monuments of archeology, particularly in the town tract were found the remains of a wooden fortress built in the ninth century. They also found the remains of a pagan sanctuary in the tract City, located on the outskirts of the village. Shafts in the woods on a high hill.
Interesting is the fact that in the years 1947-1968 in the villages Karapchiv and Shafts worked mine number 26 for the extraction of brown coal, which belonged to Vashkivetskoho mine management.
In the village there are 2 forestry forestry Vashkivetske Beregomet state forestry and hunting economy, forestry Karapchivske Derzhsetslishospu APC.
Among other companies in Karapcheva are also 4 coffee bars that may be of interest to guests of the village.