Zalissia. Vacation

The village Zalissia is situated on the River Mlynka mills 18 km. from Chortkiv. It is home to 1,197 people, occupying the territory of 0.363 km. square. This ride regular bus from the district center.

The first written mention of Zalissia dates from the 17th century. In the I half of the 20th century. acted "Enlightenment", "Union of Ukrainian", "farmer", "Native School" and other Ukrainian companies. Today the village has such architectural monuments yakkostel (1801), the stone church of St. Michael (1889), Chapel Church (1998), chapel (2001). Moreover monument villagers who fell in the German-Soviet War (1971) and soldiers RA (1988), a memorial cross in honor of the abolition of serfdom; poured symbolic grave USS (1991). But special populyarnis Zalissia received by gypsum cave mills, located near the village. Its length 28 km., Stored year round constant temperature +11 ° C, is a small freshwater lake. An interesting story and the name "Mlynky" which comes from the defunct hamlet near the water mill that was built in the late eighteenth unnamed creek - early XIX century. After the river called Mlynochky and farm, which originated nearby - Mlynky. In the 70 years of the twentieth century. farm attached to the village Zalissia the name "Mlynky" has disappeared from the map. There was only a memory in the name of the cave. Samuel cave accidentally discovered in 1960 and producing gypsum for commercial purposes. The first was the teacher researcher Michael Pain from the village Uhryn. Then naprotyazi 3 years was performed five expeditions led by V. Radzievska and Y. Zimelsom by which amounted plan moves made description of the cave.