Nyzhnia Rozhanka. Vacation

Nyzhnia Rozhanka - village of Skole district, Lviv region. It is home to nearly 900 people. Settlement area is 18.83 km. square. The average altitude is 759 meters above sea level. Sbdy can be reached by road local values.

The first written mention of the lower Rozhanka dated 1675 year. In February 1915, were bloody battles for g Tatarivka between the forces of Austro-German coalition and parts of the 8th Army under General Brusilov. Gore seemed important strategic target because it made it possible to capture control of several towns of the area including the city Slavske. Despite the difficult climatic conditions and significant loss of personnel, Russian troops briefly still managed to capture a fortified mountain top (outstanding defensive positions extant). However counterattack the enemy, and change the situation at that sector of the front forced the Russians to retreat, leaving the dead unburied soldiers. Because search and ekshumatsiynyh studies conducted members of the "Search War Victims Memory" on g Tatarivka near. Lower Rozhanka were found the remains of 28 servicemen of the Russian and Austro-Hungarian armies and ceremonial reburial of 16 August 2006 the Russian military cemetery from the First World War in the village. Holovetsko.

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Lower Rozhanka (village Slavs'ke), Skole district,...
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Lviv region., Skole district, Slavskoe, Lower Vill...
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Village of Lower Rozhanka, Skole disrict, Lviv reg...
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