Korostiv. Vacation

Korostiv - village of Skole district, Lviv region. It is home to more than 900 people. Settlement area is 1.28 km. square. It can be reached by road of local importance.
The date of establishment Korosteva considered in 1715. In 1920 the village became part Stryisky County Stanislavsky province Second Commonwealth. During the years 1934-1939 the village was part of the commune Kozivskyi Stryisky County Stanislavsky province. Korostiv has two Priselkov:

Butivlya-known fact that in ancient times there intensively harvested wood;

Guta de brewed glass that was known throughout Austria-Hungary.

Among the famous natives of the city are Bugrij Igor - Ukrainian ethnographer.

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village Korostiv, Skole disrict, Lviv region, Ukra...
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Korostiv village, Skole district, Lviv region, Ukr...
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