Tysovets. Vacation

Tysovets - village of Skole district, Lviv region. It is home ponyad 150 people. The village is a ski resort. It is located at an altitude of 950-1100 m above sea level. It can be reached by road of local importance.

The date of establishment Tisovec considered in 1538.

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1/5 village Tisovets str. Striletska, Skole distri...
200-250 uah
+38 (093) 747-89-35
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village Tisovets, Skole disrict, Lviv region, Ukra...
300-350 uah
+38 (050) 370-61-01
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Village Tisovets, Skole disrict, Lviv region, Ukra...
250-300 uah
+38 (067) 352-07-31
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