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Zbarazh castle

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2 Morozenko st, city Zbarazh, Ternopil region
+38 (03550) 2-34-49
N: 49.663795
E: 25.784899
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In Zbarazh, 24 km from Ternopil, preserved palace complex seed Dmitry Korbut, princes and Zbarazkiy Vishnevetskih - Zbarazh lock. Its walls still remember the national liberation war and the siege of Bohdan Khmelnytsky. The castle became the hallmark Zbarazh. It is located in the park massif, near the city center. This place called Castle Outside Zbarazh castle looks pretty simple, no frills, and at the same time convincing. And no wonder - he was not built for beauty, but for defense. Simultaneously castle complex combines the features and palace and fortress. In the past the guard Zbarazh castle were 50 guns. Sign in protecting its territory massive entrance tower, which is adjacent cities. Walled castle with four bastions at the corners and loopholes. Outside, they were fortified ramparts and moat.

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